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Video, Copywriting, Marketing – Tell Your Business Story

Here at 13 Media (13MA) we are committed to bringing you the best in Media to help you tell your business story. Conveniently situated in Daventry near Northampton we provide a solution to all your Video Production, Copywriting and other marketing needs so that your customers see your business in the right light. You are at the heart of our business.

It is our aim to help you bring your story alive by whatever means is the most appropriate for you and your customers. Whether that is as complex as a full product roll out or starting a brand presence from scratch or simply a little copywriting and video to spruce up your market presence, our creativity is there to help you.

Whatever you decide you need from us, you will be kept completely involved throughout the production process.

Kevin will work with you to produce something that is the right product for your marketing. What is important to us is that we tell your story in a way that achieves your desired result so that your market voice improves. What is not important to us is that we specifically sell you our in-house services. We see our role in your business development as to act as you would when choosing your marketing approach, you would take the best option and so do we. Essentially we do what is right for you not what is right for us. We clearly tell you in our services where we work in-house and where we will use one of our trusted suppliers or partners to create your story.

We promise in all our dealings do be:

  • Honest, open, fair

  • Priced to meet the needs of your business

  • Flexible and customer focused

  • Dedicated to quality over a quick buck

  • Professional and reliable

Our portfolio is wide-ranging and the work you, the clients, have commissioned us to produce can be seen in the gallery. If nothing there is what you were looking for then call us for a chat and we will do all we can to produce it, or find someone who can produce it!

About Kevin

Kevin worked fro over a decade in the corporate world as the UK and Southern European Channel Manager for a range of products and a number of international businesses. It was here that he gained extensive experience in marketing and the appropriate messaging of product story into the distribution channel for trade and retail. During the late 90s, he trained as a video producer and television writer before moving into the education sector where he taught screenwriting, audio and video production for many years. He has contributed to academic studies on television form and been involved in the provision of media training at different levels as well as verifying standards of provision for media students. Since the birth of 13 Media, he has written 600+ articles and produced a wide range of video and audio production for clients from rock bands to corporates. Although initially set up to produce video only, as word spread of Kevin’s previous experience as a marketer the business found more and more people were asking for a wider, more integrated service. Who were we to argue? As a result, our current service offering is based on the needs of business as requested by SME business people… Oh, and he’s also been on and off stage as a singer and guitarist for more years than he cares to remember but he promises not to sing at you.