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Considering a Crowdfunding project – Consider your video first

We are pretty busy here at 13 Media Arts as anyone who follows us on Twitter or Facebook will know. In the few days prior to writing this we have been shooting in the blazing sun, filming in the studio, recording amazing vocal talent, driving up and down the country and editing until the wee small hours. One of the projects we are currently involved in is a crowdfunding video.



Crowdfunding, as I am sure you are aware, is a way of getting the financial backing you need for a project. You send out your message and people pledge cash to help you get it off the ground in return for a piece of the action. The idea is a simple one.


What isn’t as simple is the video that goes with it. From the filmmakers point of view these video productions are really interesting. Oddly there is a real style to them. In fact I would go so far as to say they are arguably a whole new genre of video production. They have a very specific style and narrative form in much the same way that, for example, film noir detective movies are a distinctive sub set of a style of drama.


This is something that we think you should not ignore. As with any approach to a market you need to be playing within the expectations of the ‘customer’ (probably not the right word for a crowdfuder but it will do for the moment) because if you don’t, you will risk alienating your potential investor before you start.


We are usually the first to say you can make your own videos, yes we will also point out the pitfalls of doing this, but in some cases we have advised people to just make their own where appropriate. Our advice on crowdfunding video is short and simple


Do not attempt to make your own crowdfunder video unless you really know what you are doing!


These videos are your bridge to your investors and they are highly specialised and stylised productions. You need advice, guidance and also the technical knowledge to tell a good story, get really precise pack shots, understand the way these videos are structured for narrative and be able to use the appropriate film language. This is a new style and as such you should really talk to our Creative Director who has a background in both the academic study of narrative form as well as the required production skills to make it work.


So before you go into a crowdfund process call us. We will probably be cheaper than you think for the video and we even have a deal we like to call ‘angelvideo production’ which means that if we think your product will fund we may even offset some of our production costs against a successful crowdfund return.