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So You Think You Can Make Your Own Video? Well You Can.


As you may have noticed, we are not in the business of fancy language or hiding the truth here at 13 Media Arts.  So this is the honest response to one of the questions I get asked regularly…


“Can we just make our own video?”

“Yes, yes you can”


In fact we will help you do it.  Over the next few months we will be posting helpful and down to earth instructional videos that will take you through the process.  For the moment however I thought you might want to look at the pro’s and con’s of DIY video for your business.  Again, I am not going to dress this up or try to upsell to you.  This is simply my view of the Q and A about making your own video.  I want you to make an informed decision.


Q.  Do I Need A Video?

A.  Yes! Emphatically and undoubtedly, yes you do if you have a website.  If you want proof do a quick search on the benefits of video for a website on Google.


Q.  Price – Will I Save Money?

A.  Perhaps. This is a bit of a ‘how long is a piece of string?’ question.  In theory you will always save money if you do it yourself, but make sure you fully evaluate the cost.  Most businesses will only need a handful of video productions and one short introduction style piece may be all you need.  If you need to buy equipment or software to produce it then you have already lost money.  Also remember to consider the time taken to make it.  This is not like growing vegetables in your garden to save a few pounds because you may need to do the equivalent of buying for the garden to produce one carrot a year.  A ‘quick’ video is often hours of actual work, so remember to factor in the cost of your own time.


Q.  Will It Look OK?

A.  Maybe. This is a matter of degrees of satisfaction in the production.  The first thing to remember is that the video is not about whether you did quite a good job, it is about how it will be seen by others.  However it is relatively easy to make a video that makes sense and can be both seen and heard by the viewer.


Q.  Will It Look And Sound Professional

A.  Very unlikely.  Sorry, this is not something that you can pick up overnight and ‘just do’ unless you are a natural genius. Film making is a process with multiple skill requirements from storytelling through to colour and sound mixing for the edit.  Imagine you were going to attempt to write a book; would you expect to be able to do it instantly?  And if you could do it would you expect to produce the same result as a seasoned and experienced novelist?  First book smash hits are rare and so are professional looking home made videos.


Q.  Have I Got The Equipment I Need To Make A Video?

A.  Surprisingly, this is a yes.  Most people own a camera or a phone that will record HD video.  Therefore, you can make a video.  There is however a very distinct difference between the equipment used by video producers and the home market.  What it comes down to is cost a lot of the time.  Good equipment costs thousands I’m afraid and I am sure I don’t need to tell you what that means in terms of quality.  Your iPhone will take video, but no matter how much you try it will still be done on that tiny lens with a phone.


To sum up then, it is really all about what you want on your website or in your promotional materials.  Video is no different than any other area in that a professional will probably do a better job.  That said, a good amateur who doesn’t care if the production isn’t top flight could produce a working video.

Oh, one last thought… Bottom line – I would rather you paid us to make your videos (obviously I would, it’s how we make our living) but we know that your budget may be limited so we have a range of really low cost options.  So just to drop back to that question about saving money; you may well be surprised how little a short intro video will cost.

So my final bit of advice is… Call us before you do anything else – we think you will be surprised at the cost of our video productions.