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Why video production matters – The importance of video on a website.

Caution – Rant ahead!

I freely admit to being nosey. I know a lot of writers, video producers and musicians and most of them also admit to being nosey. When I say nosey I guess what I actually mean is I spend time people watching. If you want to make good video, write good dialogue or make good music, I think you need to be more than a little interested in people because they are usually the thing you are talking about.

So I am unashamedly nosey. It’s my job.

Occasionally this means I hear things that are so wrong that they make me want to stand up and shout. Of course I rarely do that because standing up and yelling at a complete stranger is fraught with danger. However I stand by my point. Let me give you an example…

My long-suffering wife and I were in a restaurant a few weeks ago. It was a nice place, quiet and intimate, in fact very pleasant except for the fact that on the next table a conversation was taking place which was making us both angry. A very nice sounding couple were being given some terrible information about changing their business website content by someone who clearly wasn’t very well informed. Over the course of the evening he rather loudly made several very out of date statements about search engine optimisation which made us cringe. Then he threw in his considered opinion that social media was no use for business at all, which made my wife snort with derision. Then came a statement that actually made me say “What?” out loud before the filter clanged down to stop it. One of the nice couple he was talking to asked if they should pay for someone to do a video for their site and he replied “No. Nobody watches them and if you do want one you can do it yourself on your phone!”

I glanced over hoping that there was some hint of irony in the advice. Sadly there was no such thing. This so-called advisor (yes, he was charging them) had just given them probably the least accurate piece of advice I had ever heard.  We paid the bill but I hung around for a while hoping to meet one of the couple in the bar later to put them right. Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance, so I can only hope that they do some research and throw their advisor in the street.

Here is the truth. If you have video on your website it will provide the following:

  • Sticky visiting – People who visit your website are more likely to stay if there is a video. Estimates vary, but many suggest that over 40% of visitors will view a video and are over 60% more likely to purchase.
  • Traffic – As long as you are aware of the SEO needed a video will drive people to your site.
  • Upsell and reduced costs – most people will now look to a website first when seeking support. A product or training video will offset the need for costly support by telephone or email. Also it is estimated that 96% of shoppers watch online videos so if you want that additional sale, show them the thing they need.
  • Pro is better – A well-produced video says that you care and that you are professional. Frankly a home made botch job thrown together from your iPhone is not the same thing. You wouldn’t allow spelling mistakes and scruffy design on the your site so why would you allow a dodgy video?

So to our so called advisor on the next table I would say that not only do people watch the video on a website it also carries your professional name and your public face with it.

It doesn’t necessarily cost a huge amount to have a video produced professionally. We often quote people hundreds and occasionally over a thousand pounds less than they expect. In fact some of our video packages cost less than an ad in your local newspaper. So call us or call someone but please don’t call that ‘advisor’ from the restaurant.

The steak was good though.