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Video can be one of the most effective ways of reaching out to your customers but it needs careful handling and integration into your wider story. Video is a powerful storyteller.


Blogs and other written materials (including, of course, your website) can make a real difference to the story of your business. It can also boost your SEO.


We do small group and one to one training to give you choice. The long term maintenance of your marketing is probably going to be down to you - we give you the skills to make it happen.


YouTube can be the gateway to increased reach and the first contact point in your sales funnel. It's huge, and many consider it the second largest search engine. Clearly it needs to be optimised to work properly for you. If you have video - optimisation is a must


Ah, social media, the friendly helper elf that cures all your marketing problems. Well, maybe, but social can be more more like a dragon, great to have on your side, but also a dangerous, ravenous, beast that can take over and rule the roost.


What do we mean by story by design? How long is a piece of string? Your story is individual and your customers are individuals so it stands to reason your approach to your story should be individual. Story by design means your story created and told in the right way.

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