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I need to tell the story of my business

Marketing your business is all about telling the customer your story. We do not deal in pie in the sky concepts, budget-breaking initiatives or time consuming, impractical ideas. Telling your story is about telling it right. That includes telling it in a way that meets your budget and that you can maintain in the future. The real art of marketing is in creating a practical, affordable and sustainable solution.


A squawk is just loud, a songbird is listened to

A good story becomes a bad story if it is not told well. Your business should be constantly talking to your potential customers and it must do so in the right way or they will lose interest. Just as importantly you need to be talking to the right people. We start by creating an overall strategy that will worry less about the mass and more about your most viable market.


DIY is fine if you are trained

The bottom line is it will cost to market your services. You can pay for a consultant to do the work, or you pay in your time to do it yourself. Sure, there are some areas where you need someone with expertise but there are many, including some surprising ones, where a little knowledge goes a very long way. Training is part of maintaining your marketing process.


You are an expert and your blog shows that

A regular blog is part of the equation and it is a very simple equation. People reading your blog content are potential customers. They buy on trust and the belief that, no matter what the business is, it is run by the best. A blog not only pulls traffic to your site, engaging content shows your brand to the world. We offer an individual blog service or include them in our full support packages.


Video is the next best thing to face to face

Video is everywhere these days. Just scroll through LinkedIn and it feels like every second post is someone sitting in a car giving you advice. Just like any other marketing product though it needs to be right. We train people to make video as well as producing it because it should be part of your overall strategy, not a stand alone production. Like any other marketing asset, when done right - video works. Done wrong it is just an expensive piece of window dressing.


Social media is not a magic bullet

"A marketing business that is not tell me social is the answer. What madness is this"?

Of course, you will need social media and of course, it will promote your services. As with any other asset though, it will only work if it is the right thing and the right message. If social is not done in context of your overall marketing it can just be a time thief. Will you need social? Yes. Will you need a lot or a little? that depends on your business.

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