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Keep your money – 5 reasons not to pay us for a video.

Video can be an expensive luxuryHere are a few statements and statistics that you will see around the internet.

  • Social media posts get a much better response if they contain video
  • YouTube has a serious claim to being the 2nd largest search engine
  • In 2016 40% of people visited a store or brand website because of a video
  • 90% of online customers find a video useful when making a purchase decision.
  • 45% of people are more likely to tell a friend about a brand if they see a good video

Convinced yet? You should be. That is an amazing list of good reasons why video should be the answer to your marketing prayers. It is clearly a universal cure-all.

So, should you buy a video from us?

No! Probably not.

Here are 5 reasons not to have a professional video made.

1. Expense. A video is an expensive marketing asset compared to printed materials or online content.
2. It is disruptive for your business. It means 6ft of daft northerner (i.e. me) and potentially some crew getting in your way while we make the film
3. It doesn’t always provide a return on your investment
4. You are not a professional presenter, so you will either need to pay for one or risk looking a bit ‘AmDram’ in your film
5. People don’t usually watch them to the end – which is often where your call to action will be

There are many other reasons but for most small to mid-size businesses, number 1 was probably enough to make you reconsider. However, we do need to take into account the opening of this article. Whoever was responsible for gathering those statistics and cool facts felt them worth sharing because video was obviously effective for them.

‘For them’ is the important thing. Just because it works for them does not mean it will work for everyone. We offer video production as one of our core products but, more often than not, we tell people not to buy a video from us. We do this because honesty and transparency are part of our core values. In many cases a video will simply not provide value for money. That said, neither will social media, blogging, email sends or any marketing activity, if they are the wrong thing for you. Averages and random statistics are a dangerous benchmark to follow. Social media for example is considered hugely important in your marketing these days but in many cases, it isn’t worth the hit on your marketing budget. See the link below for my other blog on the dangers of too much or too little reliance on social media.

Why am I telling you not to buy video when clearly it is part of our bread and butter services? Well, because we make your brand and business story available to the people you want to reach out to. To do that we have to advise you on the right vehicle to transmit your message to your prospective customer and we do that regardless of whether we sell a video or not.

Why not drop me a line or call me and I will be happy to allocate some time to looking at your marketing (or lack thereof) and see if we can help. The consultation is free (as long as you make or buy the coffee) and can be online if you prefer, so worse case you get some input from someone outside your business at no cost to yourself.

About Kevin Robinson
Kevin Robinson MA was raised in a ‘Coronation Street’ style northern town and left school with no real qualifications onto the recession hit 1980s. After many redundancies, he moved to Oxfordshire to take up a bottom rung sales job and ended up in UK and Southern European sales and marketing management roles in the computer industry dealing with multimillion-dollar distribution channels. After over a decade in senior positions, he re-evaluated his life, re-trained as a media producer, taught in colleges and universities and picked up an MA along the way. He now uses his experience and storytelling skills to help small business succeed with realistic marketing planning and cost-effective productions. Oh My stars bio’s are dull. If you are still reading at this stage and want to know any more… ask him yourself.